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Radon Testing Services

Residential Consulting is now offering radon testing using Continuous Monitoring Devices.

Advantages of Continuous monitoring devices:

  • The Continuous Monitor has the capability to integrate
    and record a new result every hour.
  • With shorter integration periods and more frequent data logging the device can detect unusual variations in radon
    or radon decay product concentrations.
  • The minimum measurement period is 48 hours.
  • Potential tampering indicators include the ability of a monitor to record changes in temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, or movement of the monitor
    during the measurement.


Devices Used:
Femto-Tech CRM-510
Continuous Radon Monitors

Residential Radon Measurement Provider:
Bill Delamar
NEHA & NRPP ID: 102897 RT

Standard and Analytical Services

We are MLS listed and can set up, perform, and pick up the Radon tests without the Real Estate Agent's assistance.

Radon test reports are mailed the same day
they are picked up and can also be sent via email or fax.